Red Kite featuring Rory Simmons - Trumpet, Hannes Riepler - Guitar, Esben Tjalve - Piano, Jasper Hoiby/ Andrea Di Biase - Bass and Tim Giles/Jon Scott - Drums

“Pleasingly melodic but also deeply rhythmic, easily digestible yet subtly challenging, and just full of good ideas allied to exemplary playing.”  The Jazz Man 

Henrik Jensen's "Followed By Thirteen" featuring Andre Canniere - Trumpet, Esben Tjalve - Piano, Henrik Jensen - Bass and Pete Ibbetson - Drums. 

.”It's a pleasure to hear a new quartet release that's bristling with such obvious vitality and ebullience!"  Adrian Pallant

Here is a link to more of Henrik Jensen's music -

Diane Chorley -

Here is a link to a beautiful film by Ergin Cavusoglu which I did the music for.